Free Agents are players who do not belong to any team participating in the League and can be acquired during the trades time window according to the following procedure:

How to acquire a free agent:

  • Select within your roster a player you wish to waive and among the Free Agents choose a player of the same position of the released player.

  • If you have enough budget, decide how many credits to offer

  • After confirming the offer, the offer will appear in the "Offer list" below the "Team" page and can be changed at any time.

  • 3 hours before the Trades close, the participant who offered the highest bid will automatically see the new player appear in the roster in the same position as the one substituted. The traded player will be placed in the free agent list and therefore will be available starting from the next trades time window.

  • When the trade fails, the credits offered are credited back and the waived player will remain on the team.

Special cases:

  • In the event of a tie, the auction is won by the player ranking the lowest in the League ranking.

  • In the event of multiple offers made by always cutting the same player, if all the offers are successful, the system will attribute to the user the player whose offer was made first in chronological order.

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