Managing your team

Each Round (R) is divided into Game Turns (T1, T2, T3, etc.), which are the blocks of games played on a given day of the championship.

Ex: T1 are all Tuesday games, T2 all Wednesday games


In the space between 2 turns it is possible to:

  • Make field-bench subs and change the Captain, but only if the new player chosen has not yet taken the field.

  • Change the team formation


  • The player that is moved from the field to the bench halves his score (players that are placed on the bench get 50% of their scores)

  • Before the beginning of each Turn you can reset all the substitutions made by clicking the appropriate button


  • Edit your team every Round in order to have a team of 11 players that are distributed over the different turns and, before the beginning of the Round, always line up the players who take the field in turn 1 (T1): you can then replace them after the turn finished if you are not satisfied.

  • Ex. It is the first day of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. It is played over 2 Turns (T1, T2). On Tuesday (T1) Team 1 plays against Team 2. You should choose to start a center belonging to Team 1 or Team 2. For the choice of the second center, you should choose one who plays in T2, thus guaranteeing the possibility of replacing the first one, if he does not get a good score.


Between the end of each Round and the beginning of the next one, the trade market opens.

During this time, you can sell up to 3 players of your fantasy team and buy new ones to improve your roster (the number of trades per Round is unlimited in the Playoffs phase).

NOTE: also the Coach can be traded between each Round. Trading the coach does not count in the limit of 3 trades per Round (therefore every fantasy team can trade up to 3 players + the coach).


On few specific Rounds during the Regular Season, trades will be unlimited:

1. After R4, Oct. 21-26

2. After R13, Dec. 9-14

3. After R19, Jan. 6-9

4. After R26, Feb. 10-29

5. After R31, March 23-28

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