Quotations and price variations

The credit value assigned to each player increases or decreases after each Round. This variation is called EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge capital gain (or capital loss) and is calculated based on two factors:

  • The score obtained

  • The starting value: with the same score, a player with a low starting value will obtain a greater capital gain than a player with a high value

This variation will increase or decrease your credit budget thus modifying your purchasing power.

Ex. My fantasy team has 100 credits. My player Shane Larkin, whose value is 20.5cr, gets a very high score and his value increases by +1,5cr, reaching 22cr. The value of my team then goes from 100 to 101,5cr increasing my purchasing power because, if I sell the player, I will be able to replace him with a 22cr player (and no more 20.5cr).


  • Top players injuries: if a player with a high price is injured, for every game that he does not play he will lose value and therefore can be purchased upon his return for a much lower price.

  • Substitutes of injured players: if a player with a high price gets injured, he will be replaced by a mid-range player, who - for a reduced price - can guarantee good stats

  • Surprises of the year: this is the field of great fantasy basketball scouts, who need to discover underestimated talents that during the year will score high (and therefore will increase in capital gains).

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