Initial team

With your EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge account you can create up to 3 fantasy teams. Each fantasy team has 100 credits to purchase 11 players

  • 2 Centers

  • 4 Forwards

  • 4 Guards

  • 1 Head Coach

Each fantasy team can insert up to 6 players from the same Turkish Airlines EuroLeague team (6 players from the same team in the Playoffs phase).

Each player has a credit value that changes over the course of the season based on actual performance.

The starting five can be arranged according to the following game formations (guards-forwards-centers): 2-2-1, 1-2-2, 2-1-2, 1-3-1, 3-1-1.


  • The fantasy teams created once the championship has begun obtain an entry score (equal to the average points of the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge teams), which is assigned at the end of the Matchday.

  • Credit budget: 100cr + 0.3cr for each Matchday played before registering (Ex.Registration on the 7th Matchday: budget of 101,8cr (100 + 0,3 x 6 Matchdays)

  • Team creation with a Matchday in progress: it is possible to select only players who have yet to play their game or who have not played in the games already played. The chosen players will in no way influence the score attributed on that specific EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge Round that will be equal to the average entry score.

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