Draft creation

During the creation of the League, the Commissioner shall set the following parameters:

  • League name

  • Player selection mode: with or without credits

  • Budget: available to each user to buy free agent or propose trades to other teams (it can also be 0). If the credit mode was chosen, it is necessary to establish a budget for the auction

  • Competition mode: classic ranking or Head-to-Head (H2H) mode

After all participants have joined and the League has started, it will be possible to set the following, additional parameters:

  • Starting Round: The Commissioner can choose whether to start the League the upcoming Round, or on a different Round;

  • Trades deadlines: the Commissioner can choose whether to let the trades open automatically between one EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge Round and another, or maintain direct control and decide independently when to open and when to close the trades (always within the time window established by the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge schedule and NEVER with a Round in progress).

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