Draft types


By choosing this mode, the Commissioner assigns a credit budget that each participant in the Draft will have to use to create each roster (through an auction). The remaining credits may be used afterwards during the trades openings.

Example: it is decided to start with 300 credits each. Each league participant calls a player of his choice, for whom he will automatically offer 1 credit. The other participants can decide to raise, always being careful not to use all their available credits before completing the roster.


By choosing this mode, the league decides that the assignment of players will be carried out without the use of credits. Also in this case, the specific modes must be defined offline by the users. However, the Commissioner will have to assign a budget in credits for the post draft (which can also be equal to 0), to be used to buy Free Agent or offer trades to other participants.

Example: the order of call among the various participants in the League is decided through a random draw. Since there are no credits, the chosen Turkish Airlines EuroLeague player is automatically acquired in the roster of the team that called him. After each round, the call starts again in the opposite order with respect to the previous one, thus restarting from the last (snake mode). This procedure is repeated until all the rosters are completed.

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