Public and private leagues

In addition to these main leagues, you can join and/or create other leagues:

  • Private leagues: generally between friends, accessible only by an invitation code

  • Public leagues: open to anyone

These leagues can be of two types:


Participating teams are ranked based on the scores achieved on the different Matchdays.


Users challenge each other every Matchday in a 1-on-1 game, according to a pre-established schedule that is generated 1h before the start of the starting Matchday.

The outcome of the match corresponds to the total points scored by the fantasy teams. Example:

  • Team A 200pts – Team B 180pts: Team A has more points and thus wins the match;

  • Team A 180pts – Team B 200pts: Team B has more points and thus wins the match;

  • Team A 200pts – Team B 200pts: the teams scored a tie, thus to declare the winner for the match the following criteria will be adopted: as the first criterion the highest score in the general ranking (the game is won by the team that has more points in the general ranking), as the second criterion the highest value of the starting five (the match is won by the team that has the starting five that has scored more points), as the third criterion the registration date (the match is won by the team that has been registered first).

Team ranking will reflect the record of wins-losses of each team. In case of a tie, the team with the highest score in the general ranking will win (as a second criterion, the team to win is the one that was registered first).

The Head-to-Head league can be composed by a maximum of 18 teams, keeping in mind that:

  • If in a Head-to-Head league there are less than 18 teams, the matches will loop until the last matchday of the league

  • If the league includes an odd number of teams, a default team will be created automatically called “EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge Team” to which each day a score will be assigned equal to the average of points scored by all the teams registered in EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge in the matchday in progress

  • Differently from a General Ranking league, it is not possible to add new participants when the league has started

Note: at the end of the Regular Season and at the start of the Playoffs, all the leagues must be recreated. However, it will be possible to view the league ranking of the Regular Season by selecting said item in the specific menu.

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