How it works

The Draft Mode allows for the creation of a Private League with exclusive rosters, where each Turkish Airlines EuroLeague player (ex: Mirotic) can simultaneously belong to only one team.

The selection of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague players for each team should be decided by the participants (eg: an auction around a table, a call via Zoom, etc). At the end of the selection, one Draft Commissioner (the one who created the League) manually enters the players in each roster.

The Draft Mode is the same as the Classic Mode, except for the following points:

  • the registered team does not participate in the Classic Mode

  • rosters are exclusive: each Turkish Airlines EuroLeague player can only be chosen by one team

  • trades can be opened and closed by the Commissioner only in the windows provided by the schedule

  • there is no head coach

  • the values of players do not change based on their performances

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